Wool is my favorite. I love wool. And tiaras.

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Skirt Project – Putting the samples on the loom

Not much progress since last week. I'm about halfway through threading the heddles for my samples right now but I thought I'd talk my way through this with you and tell you what I'm thinking. It helps to get it all out and really think it through.  I've been putting...

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Skirt Project – Merino Sampling

If you have been following the skirt project from the beginning you understand that the skirt project no longer is only about skirts and more about fabric and all kinds of garments. The next project is going to be a blazer or jacket of some sort. And it's going to be...

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Harris Tweed – Real Beginnings

I have a tendency to procrastinate projects. Often it is because the fabric I'm wanting to cut is rare or expensive, sometimes it's because I'm not sure I can do it well, other times it's because I'm not exactly sure how to do it or if my plans will actually work....

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Upcoming Events

March 31- April 6, 2019

Wool to Cloth: Spin to Weave

John C Campbell Folk School


June 17- 22, 2019

Midwest Weavers Conference, Iowa

Registration opens in January 2019


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