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Big World

So Monday night was the Detroit Freedom Fireworks. I actually think it’s called something like the Target sumpin sumpin fireworks but you know. It was in Detroit and it’s Freedom Fireworks and it happens like 2 weeks before the actual 4th of July. So last year Lou and I needed some time together so we went to the Marriott Renaissance […]

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A Solstice Celebration

I had big plans for updating this here bloggy all week but I got some bright idea in my head and that took up the rest of the week. Wanna know what the idea was?I decided to rearrange a little in the shop. It actually should have been pretty easy but one thing always leads to another. So the Wall […]

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I am a good(ish) wife – somebody tell my husband.

I found this quiz over at Carla’s place. 47 As a 1930s wife, I amAverage Take the test! I did a lot better than I expected. Certainly better than Carla (though I’m not sure she’s really as shocked ash she’s claiming).

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I was there too.

TNNA I went there. Columbus, Ohio. I had to go later because, you know, I have this shop and I had to be in it on Saturday doing my favorite thing – talking about spinning and spinning wheels and wool huffing. So Sunday morning I got up and ready and was out of the house by 5:30 AM. Stopped by […]

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I got nuthin’

So this is going to be a little disjointed. I realize I have been slow in updating this little bloggy. Things have been very busy and Lou has been travelling a lot and well, I’ve been going to sleep at a semi normal hour so….now I have so much to post about that I can’t even organize my thoughts and […]

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