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Where Does the Time Go?

The time has been moving fast and I barely get a to do list written and the day is gone and the list gets longer and I procrastinate more. Things do get checked off but not as fast as I’d like and the Twittering and the Facebook and the Ravelry and I am allowing them to interfere with my work […]

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This post has a lot of pictures and very few words.Chelsea made me go to Ikea, as you know. So here are some before photos of the rooms we fixed up. This first room has the needles, spindles, some wheels and books. The other room had carders, small tools, small looms and the Wall O’Fleece. That’s Ian (Chelsea’s) and little […]

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It was our first trip to Ikea. I was excited! There was so much to see and lots of things to dream about. This was Chelsea’s dream bedroom. We walked through the whole store and when we were done making our list it was time for lunch! We both chose the delicious Swedish meatballs. I went with the macaroni and […]

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