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All Natural

A new book showed up at the shop last week and I’ve spent a few days with it. I don’t do a lot of dyeing. I don’t love doing it and I have plenty of lovely friends who dye beautiful fiber for the shop and so i can get out of doing it pretty easily. But then this book showed […]

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First Birthday Present

Unlike Denny, I only celebrate my birthday for a week (she celebrates for a month). My first birthday present arrived today. And it was a joyous occasion. Some hand combed Mohair in my favorite colors. A couple of hand made pompoms with some green locks thrown in like cute pig tails. And my favorite of all….a bacon bracelet with an […]

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Here’s What’s Been Going On

Little Buster has been having a hard week. Last Tuesday night (11PM-ish) his dad took him to the emergency room because he was having a croup attack and it just kept getting worse until he could hardly breath. So off they went and spent 5 hours there. He seemed to be getting better. The cough was a lot better and […]

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february Newsletter

Groundhog Day. I’m always confused about the shadow/no shadow thing and what it all means. What I do know is there is plenty of spinning to do and lots of weaving and in a couple of months there will be new fleeces to be had and added to the fleece room! I love shearing season. Love it! In the mean […]

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I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted. I think I may need a new resolution for this year. Each week a post. Long or short it must be done! What happens is thast stuff happens and I think – Ooo that’s a blog post! Then I don’t do it. So here’s what I’ve got and it’s […]

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