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Projects and more Projects

So Denny made her way from Toronto this past weekend to talk about warping. I think the topic scared people because the class was very small but 2/3 of weaving is in the warping and knowing the tips and tricks of the process can make weaving so much more enjoyable. And Denny does know the tips and tricks. It was […]

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really. I started trying to lose weight in January….I’m up 6 pounds. I suck at this. That. Is. All

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Kromski Fantasia

On the same day that I got the Aura into the shop tow wheels arrived from Kromski. The new Kromski Fantasia. The one in the photo is the walnut one. There is also a version which is all clear finish with a walnut accent and you can also get it unfinished and make it a DIY project.This wheel is a […]

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The New Majacraft Aura

Last week I came home from the Spring Retreat and came to work on Tuesday and found two new wheels waiting for me to assemble and play with. I’m starting with an overview of the new Majacraft Aura. I say overview because this wheel is so interesting that I think I will be playing with it and experimenting for a […]

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