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New weaving and Old Spinning Wheel

Remember when Denny came in May and helped me put that warp on the back beam of my loom? (Warp was wound here) I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of threading and also was VERY nervous about threads breaking because they seemed to break so easily while we were winding on. There is a very light twist in […]

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Knit a Dozen Slippers!

I have a friend and she is the cutest thing. her name is Amy. I met her a couple of years ago because of spinning. It was near the beginning of her current career which has just exploded for her and I am so glad. She is a terrific designer who has had knitwear designs in every knitting magazine. She […]

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Michael Cook and the Silk

These photos are a little out of order but you’ll get the gist. the gist is, if you have an opportunity to take a class with Michael Cook on how to tie your shoes, SIGN UP!The classroom was ready on time. Each student got 8 ounces of silk cocoons. Enough to play with for 2 days an even more to […]

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