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Anne Field was here and she was delightful and full of things to teach us.  But I didn’t bring the camera home and so I am distracting you with photos of sheep.   I went to pick up some Southdown fleeces and while I was there I went to look at the new babies.  This little Jacob girl is gorgeous. […]

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Black Welsh Mountain

So over the weekend I worked on some samples spun from Black Welsh Mountain wool.  First I will just say that every time I spin samples, no matter how many I spin I always have questions and want to try something else. All of the samples have been carded and then the carded prep was treated or spun in different […]

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The Great Tool Bag Search

 Deb Robson‘s video has had a huge effect on me and when I grow up I want to be just like her. At the beginning of the video she shows us her tool kit and it was genius.  I began right away to search for a container that would work for me and my spinning tools. This was the first […]

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New Bags and New Majacraft Design

 Today we got the bags!   Theses bags are made of a good canvas with the cute sheep.  I love them.  All the people who will be attending the Spring Retreat get one of these to hold all the fiber I will be flinging at them.  the others will be available for sale in the shop and online for a […]

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So a few weeks ago….

…I was on the Twitter (yes, I call it THE Twitter, makes Chelsea crazy) and someone posted that Sara Lamb had set up an Etsy Shop.  I was right there to check it out and I found this bag. Handspun Silk. Painted Warps. Hand Woven. All of those fringes Hand Twisted. A beaded band and (I think) a card woven […]

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