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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

 The wedding is coming.  We are leaving in a week. There was Maggie’s dress and it was great.  And she looks so pretty in it. And I wanted to make myself a dress.  I shopped for dresses and there were several problems in the stores.  First, so many dresses are sleeveless now.  Because of my religion I don’t wear sleeveless […]

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Weaving, Touring and Sewing Lavender

Updates  I found something to entertain little Buster when he’s at the shop with me. He love weaving on this little Cricket Loom.  Wants one of his very own. He’s been working on this scarf made with the yarn that comes with the loom.  He’s doing very well. I think we’re out of yarn…   Last Monday (Memorial Day) we took […]

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