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Many Photos

 I really wanted to tell you all what’s going on around here before I run off to SOAR at the end of the week. Don’t let that stop you from coming in though.  Carol will be in the shop and she is much nicer than me.  School is progressing.  Maggie has been working so hard this year and even choosing […]

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The Next Great Bag Search

 This first photo is for Jillian.  Just because. Orange Crystals on Pink yarn would be lovely I think. OK.  On to the search.  A little background. I finally bought myself a travel wheel this year.  A Schacht Sidekick. I never found one that I loved enough to own before but this was the one.  It folds compactly and is easy […]

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Ashford Limited Edition 30″ Elizabeth

Before I start talking about the new wheels I got in this week I just wanted to show you a bit of spinning that isn’t a natural .  I’ve begun working again on the Mythos sweater I started last year.  I am almost to the halfway point and realized I won’t have enough yarn so I spun up another 350 […]

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