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¬†Yep. It’s here. The day of the year that I hate the most. Too scary. I don;t like it. But I sprayed the kid’s hair black cause Harry Potter has black hair you know. I took the photos and went up to hide in my room while Lousmith takes the kids out to beg for candy and Chelsea hands out […]

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Weaving with Sara Lamb

I’ve been taking weaving classes off and on for the last 5 years. I began because when I bought the Spinning Loft I became a seller of looms so I thought it would be a good idea to know how to use them.  My first project was warped in a twill with black Louet Gems Merino which is a lovely […]

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SOAR 2011

 On October 1 I left for New Hampshire to go see friends I don’t get to see very often and learn some new things and also meet new friends.  This year was different because this year I was a mentor at SOAR. I began to prepare for SOAR all the way back in January.  That’s when I got the email […]

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