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Rhinebeck 2013

I know I’ve said this before lots of times. I am a terrible blogger. I generally live in the moment and so when I am away from home and seeing new things or teaching, I forget about the photography. when I get home I always wish I had remembered to take out the camera or the phone more often so […]

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Preparing for Rhinebeck – or any teaching at all

For the last 3 weeks… maybe 4…maybe more…I have been getting ready to teach at Rhinebeck. I’m teaching six class periods and one of the classes repeats so I have 5 classes to get ready. Many of the classes I teach use raw wool for at least part of the time so my preparations for any teaching always begins with […]

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Big Changes – sort of

Some of you have noticed that my blog moved to a different place. ¬†And now I can give the details about why. A year ago I closed the brick and mortar store. The goal was to teach more and write more. Well I am doing those things so my mission was accomplished. Over the last year I have realized that […]

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