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Earlier this year I knew I would have a bunch of classes to teach with not a lot of time in between. In addition, because I had sold the shop, I no longer had unlimited access to all of the fleeces I would ever want. Both of these things meant that I would need to get a little more organized […]

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Yes, I Am Bragging a Little

I have looked at Amazon rankings for books in the past. They’ve never been for a book that I wrote because, well, I only have one book and it just came out. So now I’ve been checking the Amazon Ranking for The Spinner’s Book of Fleece…because I’m a curious girl. I looked on Friday and I had a proud moment! […]

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All the Babies

I’m getting ready for my classes which will come quickly, one after the other, beginning next week in Los Angeles. One of the classes i am teach a couple of times this fall is about spinning and finishing downy fibers such as Cashmere, Yak, and Qiviut. I realized that although I’ve talked about this many times before, i never saved […]

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