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Handcarding – My Method

So I posted about how I go about choosing handcards a few weeks ago. In that post I talked a lot about the way I hold the cards and how that affects my handle choices. I got some questions about how exactly I do hold my cards. I have a video that just came out about spinning fine yarns. It’s […]

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Michigan Fiber Festival Surprise

So, Jillian was going to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan. She was taking a Thursday class from Esther Rogers. I had no plans to be there because I hadn’t signed up for any classes and I didn’t think there was anything I needed. But then there was the phone call. It went something like, What are you doing […]

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Remember that awesome podcast called The SpinDoctor? Sasha Torres did that podcast for several years with reviews and talk and fiber festival visits. It was always one of my favorites. You can still find episodes on itunes and at the Spindoctor.com website. there are 40 episodes. Sasha’s voice is almost hypnotic so be prepared to listen to all the episodes […]

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Another New Start

Get ready for a very very very picture heavy post. Two years ago I began using the Bullet Journal method of keeping track of my stuff. All of my writing assignments, spinning stuff, teaching appointments, personal stuff and all the other junk went in there. I liked it and it was working and it was keeping me mostly on track. […]

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