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2018 – I Love to Teach

It’s August and I’ve begun thinking about next year’s calendar. I have some   space available if you want me to come and teach at your guild or your shop or your house for you and our friends. Drop me an email or a message and let me know and we can start planning! In case you’re wondering I have […]

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Handcarding – Speeding up

I showed some Tunis on Facebook ¬†and Instagram a week or so ago that I had hand carded. I began with slightly over 2 pounds of scoured fleece and it took a little under 4 hours and I had just a tad under 2 pounds of hand carded rolags. I had plenty of comments about how that was super fast […]

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Endings, New Beginnings and Even More Questions (as usual)

  Here is the summing up of the whole Blue Faced Leicester Dress process. I began spinning this yarn in January of 2016. The intention was another skirt with 2 ply warp and weft but things changed and morphed over the whole time. Mostly because there is a lot of time to think while you spin. Also because some new […]

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