Casting On

2015-10-30 19.07.03

I have had an issue for the last couple of months and it all came clear a couple of weeks ago when I was going to my first University of Michigan Hockey game of the season. I like to knit at the games. I don’t like to knit things that are too complicated or too big. Before the game I […]

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October Travels

2015-10-15 15.35.23

Every year October seems to be crazy busy for me. Usually it’s because of Rhinebeck. This year wasn;t much different but I wasn’t teaching at Rhinebeck. I went as a festival goer and did a book signing on both afternoons. This year’s trip was longer than ever. I was away from home for two full weeks. Some of it was […]

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Corriedale Skirt


It’s funny how it takes me so long to start a project. It’s also funny how once I begin I can’t seem to think of anything else. The good thing about this project (or the bad thing) is that Spinzilla came right near the beginning. It was good because then i had an excuse to focus and do almost nothing […]

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You Can Be a Little Rough

2015-09-30 13.50.43

Yesterday i drove from my house to my parents’ house near Valley Forge Pennsylvania. It’s about an 11 hour drive including potty breaks. Today we are going to drive up to Poughkeepsie. We’ll spend the next two days touring Roosevelt houses and seeing the sights and then Saturday and Sunday we will be in Rhinebeck for the new York State […]

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The Great Skirt Project – Pt3

So now the fabric is made and all is well. It’s time to make the skirt. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I couldn’t find a simple six gor skirt pattern anywhere! Believe me, I searched. Most had some triangular pieces added about halfway down the thigh and others had a bit of a flare at the bottom and since I was very limited in […]

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The Great Skirt Project – Pt2

2015-09-10 17.18.40

So we left off with the spinning of the yarn. Today I want to talk a bit about the weaving of the fabric. Let me first talk a little more in detail about how my weaving plans evolved. I have been weaving for many years but more off than on. When i started spinning I was determined that I would […]

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The Great Skirt Project

2015-09-14 16.48.21

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know something’s up so I thought I’d do a little blog series so you can all follow along with me in more detail if you want. I started weaving at least 10 years ago. I thought I should learn because I was selling looms in my shop and I thought I […]

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2015-09-16 16.49.57

Yesterday 2 people I admire did blog posts about similar things that made me think about what I was doing right at the moment that I read them. First I read a post by Melanie Falick that was about risk that I came across on Facebook because Clara Parkes  pointed it out. Then, soon after I read a post by my […]

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Toy? Not a Toy.


I’m a fan of good tools. If you come to any of my classes I will show you the benefits of using hand cards made for wool rather than using brushes made for dogs. I will let you try my combs so you can see how they work better than combs made using hair picks. And I will expound on […]

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2013-08-31 13.21.24

When I was young…until I was around 12 or 13 I think…My dad worked at a company called Control Data/Computer Peripherals in quality control. That was back when computers were room size and you didn’t just carry the thing around in your pocket or a messenger bag. There were four kids in my family. I am the oldest. We never […]

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Handcarding – My Method

2015-08-26 13.24.22

So I posted about how I go about choosing handcards a few weeks ago. In that post I talked a lot about the way I hold the cards and how that affects my handle choices. I got some questions about how exactly I do hold my cards. I have a video that just came out about spinning fine yarns. It’s […]

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Michigan Fiber Festival Surprise

2015-08-17 08.00.58

So, Jillian was going to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan. She was taking a Thursday class from Esther Rogers. I had no plans to be there because I hadn’t signed up for any classes and I didn’t think there was anything I needed. But then there was the phone call. It went something like, What are you doing […]

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Remember that awesome podcast called The SpinDoctor? Sasha Torres did that podcast for several years with reviews and talk and fiber festival visits. It was always one of my favorites. You can still find episodes on itunes and at the website. there are 40 episodes. Sasha’s voice is almost hypnotic so be prepared to listen to all the episodes […]

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Another New Start


Get ready for a very very very picture heavy post. Two years ago I began using the Bullet Journal method of keeping track of my stuff. All of my writing assignments, spinning stuff, teaching appointments, personal stuff and all the other junk went in there. I liked it and it was working and it was keeping me mostly on track. […]

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Hand Cards!

20150718_144604 (1)

When I teach I take a lot of tools with me. I know that everyone doesn’t own every tool so I take at least three sets of hand tools for each purpose. I like to take a minimum of three sets for two reasons. First is the one I just said: all the people don’t own all of the tools and […]

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Designer Crochet


I haven’t done a lot of book reviews here…maybe I should do more…but that’s thinking for another day. Let me give you a little background first. Several years ago I met this guy when I was teaching at the DFW Fiber Fest (which was awesome, by the way). anyway, his name was Shannon and he was in the class room […]

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The Next Book

2015-03-02 12.11.43

So over the winter I was working on a new book. It’s going to be published by Storey again which is the publisher of the currently available book, The Spinner’s Book of Fleece. The title will be How to Spin. This next book will be a bit different than the last one. First of all, it’s part of the Storey […]

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I like to get my nails done. If you have been around me for any more than 5 minutes you know I like sparkly, painted, fun nails. I usually have acrylic nails. My own real nails that live under the layer of plastic have been bendy, easily broken and very thin through my whole life.  I also have some issues […]

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What’s Coming


On Tuesday my current book is due. I’m so close to being ready to turn it in. it might even go in a few days early. I’ll begin reading it over one last time tomorrow. I’ll add the places I want illustrations to be and hopefully all will be ready to press send on Friday. Yay! Then wool washing begins […]

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Spinning For Weaving


On the one hand, I don’t have ton of things on my calendar this year as far as teaching, so come and see me! I’ll be at the History Unwound retreat Next week and all of my classes still have space. I’ll also be at Fiber Week at Olds College in Canada in June. Those are the only two places […]

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