yesterday I went to the Festival and Railroad Days in Hamburg. It was a fun day. I went with Betty and Pam. Betty had a booth there and Pam and I went to help out. It was very slow. Now many people were buying things although we spread a lot of good will and got some...

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Presenting Lily Ofthevalley

This is the time that I finished knitting Lily last nightHere she is free from the needles. For blocking shawls I use the Orenburg Method so I'll describe it the best way I can.With a yarn or darning needle I thread polyester cording through each point. You should...

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Lately the word friends tends to bring a tear to my eye - although lately a lot of things are making me cry. That's not the point of this post though. What would I do without friends?It's kind of crazy because I've asked my husband in the past if he wouldn't like a...

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Yard Sales, eBay and Other Scary Stuff

I'm going to spare you the Lily update pictures. I will just tell you that I have less than 45 stitches to decrease before I can finish the final corner and graft and be finished. I hope that will be taking place later this week. I have a yard sale to prepare for. I...

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Tomorrow is Little Bear Day

I need a moment. I've been a little sad feeling the past week or so. I couldn't figure it out. Hormone's? Depression? The weather?Last night I was watching yet another documentary about 9/11. I've been doing it just about every night. The children born after 9/11 who...

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Smack My knuckles With A Ruler Because…

I have a cheatin' heart. Last night I couldn't take it anymore. I had had it with Lilly. All she wants is my undivided attention. It's been a year since I began my relationship with her and more than 2 months since we've been exclusive. I don't think I can be tied...

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Get Me To New York!

O.K. Check this out. I was over seeing what Maryse has been doing and she sent me over to see Stitchy McYarnpants. I'm doing it! I hope I emailed in time cause I want to play and be a square. Wanna play with me?

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The Luck of the Irish

It's my year. I mean it. It's been great. I can't say that EVERYTHING has been going my way, but I really can't complain. My daughter came home after some experimental time away from home. She's working things out and getting smart fast. My husband still has a job...

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Here is my progress for the UFO challenge that I was working on this weekend.I'm not done. Still 100 stitches on the needles. That's 200 rows to you and me. Good news is that since Friday I've completed 70 rows. The end is near and it might be this week.Good thing too...

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Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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