Get Me To New York!

O.K. Check this out. I was over seeing what Maryse has been doing and she sent me over to see Stitchy McYarnpants. I’m doing it! I hope I emailed in time cause I want to play and be a square. Wanna play with me?

The Luck of the Irish

It’s my year. I mean it. It’s been great. I can’t say that EVERYTHING has been going my way, but I really can’t complain. My daughter came home after some experimental time away from home. She’s working things out and getting smart fast....

Here is my progress for the UFO challenge that I was working on this weekend.I’m not done. Still 100 stitches on the needles. That’s 200 rows to you and me. Good news is that since Friday I’ve completed 70 rows. The end is near and it might be this...

Spinning Roving Swap

Here are my answers to the questions:1) How long have you been spinning?Off and on for about 2 years but regularly for about a year.2) Are you a beginner, novice, or experienced spinner?I would call myself a novice. I seem to be able so spin laceweight but I’m...

Saturday Sewing Room Update

I think I can see some progress. I probably worked in here for about 2 hours this week. My skein holder/antique dryer is over full now and the drawers in the closet are almost bursting. It’s definitely time for a moratorium on buying new yarn. I think I’m...

If I’m sittin’…I’m a knittin’

I’m taking Kelle’s challenge for this weekend. It’s a finish a project UFO Challenge. Of course I’m going to work on Lilly. I don’t think I’ll finish but I’m going to give it my best try. Is it wrong to knit in church?Check me...

Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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