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Remember that awesome podcast called The SpinDoctor? Sasha Torres did that podcast for several years with reviews and talk and fiber festival visits. It was always one of my favorites. You can still find episodes on itunes and at the website. there are 40 episodes. Sasha’s voice is almost hypnotic so be prepared to listen to all the episodes […]

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Corriedale – You Know You Like It!

I feel like I may not be as faithful as I should be.  I have been referred to as the Longwools Avenger.  It’s because there were too many times where I heard Longwools being talked about as only good for carpet and I just had to jump in and defend its honor.  I have also been on a campaign to […]

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Black Welsh Mountain

So over the weekend I worked on some samples spun from Black Welsh Mountain wool.  First I will just say that every time I spin samples, no matter how many I spin I always have questions and want to try something else. All of the samples have been carded and then the carded prep was treated or spun in different […]

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