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Handcarding – Speeding up

I showed some Tunis on Facebook ¬†and Instagram a week or so ago that I had hand carded. I began with slightly over 2 pounds of scoured fleece and it took a little under 4 hours and I had just a tad under 2 pounds of hand carded rolags. I had plenty of comments about how that was super fast […]

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October Travels

Every year October seems to be crazy busy for me. Usually it’s because of Rhinebeck. This year wasn;t much different but I wasn’t teaching at Rhinebeck. I went as a festival goer and did a book signing on both afternoons. This year’s trip was longer than ever. I was away from home for two full weeks. Some of it was […]

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Toy? Not a Toy.

I’m a fan of good tools. If you come to any of my classes I will show you the benefits of using hand cards made for wool rather than using brushes made for dogs. I will let you try my combs so you can see how they work better than combs made using hair picks. And I will expound on […]

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