Where I’ll Be

July 20-23, 2017

Midatlantic Fiber Association

Millersville University, PA


September 29- October 1, 2017


Northampton, MA


October 26 – 29, 2017


Asheville, NC





Personal Classes With Beth Smith

1-5 students

2-5 days

Cost: Include personalized instruction, all materials, lunch and use of all tools.

Please contact me for more details and fees.


Fleece to Finish – 5 full days

Wool processing and spinning from start to finish

Choosing a fleece – Students can choose 2 pounds of raw fleece from my collection to scour and spin for their project.

Scouring 3 ways

Processing – comb, card, flick, drum card, no tools at all

Spin the yarn you want – Sampling methods

Knit and/or small loom sampling


From Fine to Fat – 2 full days

Spinning techniques to make any yarn you want.

We will use processed fibers to learn wheel adjustments, wheel mechanics, how different spinning wheel drive systems affect your yarn. Let me help you make your wheel work for you.

We will use different drafting methods to make different yarns from gossamer to bulky and learn what techniques will help make those yarns more consistent.


Worsted and Woolen – 3 full days

And everything in between.

A look at the technical terms and what they mean.

Make a true worsted yarn from start to finish

Make a true woolen yarn from start to finish

Consider and experiment how combining processing and drafting methods in different ways results in different yarns.

Make and spin a drum carded batt and compare to the yarns made with hand carded fibers.

Then we’ll look at mill processed fibers and make yarns that are as close to true woolen and worsted as you can get with mill processed fibers and compare them to the true woolen and worsted.

What happens if comb or card mill processed fibers?


A La Carte

Pick and choose from my classes list and we will design a class just for you and your group. (Materials fees may be additional for certain classes)










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