About Me

Beth Smith is so obsessed with fiber that she has fleece in every room of her house, including her bathroom.

She teaches the whys and how-tos of preparing and spinning as many breeds as a spinner can in her classes taught all over the world and in articles written for Spin Off, Knittyspin and Entangled magazines. She also writes for Ply Magazine and serves as a member of the editorial advisory board.

She is the previous owner of the world famous online shop ,The Spinning Loft, renowned for it’s selection of raw wool, including rare breeds of sheep , available by the ounce (or more) for studying, sampling or just stashing.

Her book, The Spinner’s Book of Fleece: A Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing and Spinning the Perfect Fiber for Every Purpose, will be published by Storey Books in July 2014.



2006 –  Present Owner of the Spinning Loft ltd –

A growing business focusing on Spinning and weaving instruction and supplies. The Spinning Loft

boasts the largest selection of raw wool and rare breeds wool.


2013 Ply Magazine Editorial Board


Workshops and Teaching

2013 Stringtopia

Breeds Study, Woolen and Worsted, Finish that Skein


2013 DFW Fiber Fest

Breeds Shawl, Mastering Wool Combing, Woolen and Worsted, Working Toward Consistency, Finish that Skein


2013 Vashon Island, Washington

Breeds Study, Spinning Fine Yarns


2012 Carolina Fiber Fest

Wool Breeds Study, Spinning Fine Yarns, Drafting Methods, Mastering Wool Combing


2012 Stringtopia – Ohio

Drafting methods, Spinning Fine Yarns, Wool Breeds Study


2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Spinning Loft

Beginning Spinning, Spin the Fine Wools, Spin the Long Wools, Down Breeds (Not just for

Dinner), Those Other Wools and how to spin them, Drafting Techniques, Spinning for Lace,

Spinning Silk, Beginning Rigid heddle Weaving, Beginning Weaving on a Floor Loom


2009, 2012, 2013 New York State Sheep and Wool Festival

Beginning Spindle Spinning, Long Draw, Spinning Downy Fibers, Spinning Leicester Longwool, Wool Breeds Study, Spinning Fine Yarns, Drafting Methods, Mastering Wool Combing, How to Buy a Fleece


2012 England – Northern and Southern

Wool Breeds Study, Spinning Fine Yarns


2009, 2010, 2012 TNNA Columbus

How to Teach Beginning Spinning, Spin a Fiber Sampler – How to choose fiber to sell in your

yarn store.


2010 Spinner’s Flock

Spin the Breeds – Knowing your wool and choosing the best processing technique to get the

yarn you want.


2011, 2012 Michigan Fiber Festival

Beginning Spinning On a Wheel, Beginning Spindle Spinning, Getting More from Your spindle,

Wool Breeds Study, Plying, Hand Combing,


2011 Spin Off Autumn Retreat

Fiber to Finish, For the Love of Longwools




Ply Magazine

Corriedale – Your First Breed Summer 2013


Spin Off Magazine

Adjusting Your Wheel for Fine Spinning, Autumn 2013

Set Yourself Apart, Spring 2013

Spinning with the Crimp in Mind, Winter 2011

Scotch Tension Brake Bands, Spring 2011

How to Finish Manufactured Fibers Summer 2010

Bamboo Scarf Summer 2010

Spinning for Beginning Weaving Winter 2008



Locked Up – Washing and Spinning from the Lock Winter 2008

Longwools into Lace Fall 2009

Indian Summer Shrug Fall 2009



In Praise of Longwools Autumn 2008

Spinning From the Fold Autumn 2008

Tying a Leader Autumn 2008

Down Breeds Winter 2009

Russian Spindle Spinning Winter 2009


Desert Island Sheep, Fall 2012