Beginning to see.

Beginning to see.

It’s embarrassing. I’m 55 years old and I feel like my eyes are just beginning to open. I’m not going to write about spinning or sewing today because I am sad. Sad that a police officer can kneel on a man’s neck in the daylight with 3 other...
Cutting My Way Through

Cutting My Way Through

I began this morning with a blog post about my trip to PlyAway last week and I was having a bit of trouble finding things to write that seemed interesting. It was an interesting week and I learned some things and they aren’t the things you might imagine so...


There has to be a better way. A long time ago I used to use Google Reader to keep up with all of my favorite blogs. Then Google did away with Google Reader and I couldn’t find another way to keep up with the blogs I love and so I gave up. Well, not really. If...

Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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