Thanks to Betty I learned how to wash fine wool – this happens to be cormo – without wrecking the whole batch. I’ve taken pictures of my process to show.

I made envelopes from bridal tulle and placed a thin layer of wool along the center length of the tulle. I fold the tulle then in thirds so that the wool is inside the envelope and pin each edge closed.

I fill my wash tub with HOT water and some wool wash soap. Then I let four of the little envelopes soak for about 15 minutes. When I come back the water is still scorching but you don’t want the oils to start migrating back to the wool if the water starts to cool.

I take out each little pouch and squeeze it to get out most of the water.

This is what’s in the washtub when I take all of the pouches out. Gross!

I take each pouch and run it under water to rinse. This water is a little cooler than what I just drained because by now my hands feel like they’re going to burn off.

I squeeze out all of the excess water again and take it to my sweater drying rack.

It lays there resting for a few hours. It depends on the weather and how well I squooze.

This picture stinks of the clean dry wool.

And this picture stinks of the clean wool that I flicked. But now it’s ready to go.

I don’t clean very much at a time. I’ve done this 2 times so far and I’ve done about 8 ounces. (about half)

I think I have too much cormo because I still have another bag which has about 2.5 pounds. Still needs to be washed a flicked but I think I’m going to have some beautiful shawls and maybe also a nice lacey sweater.

Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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